What is the aim of the study

The Covid in Scotland Study aims to identify the effects of Covid-19 on the health of people in Scotland. We want to find out how many people continue to be unwell after having Covid-19, what their symptoms are, and how it affects their lives.

Why is the study being done?

Most people with Covid-19 recover within three weeks. Some people don’t because they get ‘long Covid.’ We need to understand the long-term effects of Covid-19, the number of people who have long-term problems and the nature and impact of these.

Hasn’t this already been done?

There have been some other studies looking at long Covid but they have been done on particular groups, such as people who were admitted to hospital. In the Covid in Scotland Study, we are contacting everyone in Scotland who had a positive Covid-19 test as well as a comparison group of people who tested negative.

How will this study help people with long Covid?

Our study aims to help health and social care services make informed decisions about treating and supporting people with long Covid.

How can people take part

We are sending invitations via SMS to all adults in Scotland who have had a positive Covid-19 test and a sample of people who have only had a negative test(s). These messages are automated. We don’t have names, phone numbers or other identifiable information.

Are people who have had Covid-19 involved in designing and running the study?

Yes. People who have had Covid-19 symptoms are on the study steering group. They are providing advice throughout the study, helping to develop the information material and will help to share the findings.

Who is funding the study?

The study is funded by the Scottish Government’s Chief Scientist Office.

Where will the study be published?

Our results will be shared with the Scottish Government, NHS Scotland and patient groups. The results will be published in a medical journal and shared through social media and a press release.

Get in touch

If you have any questions you can contact us at


If you wish to speak to someone not connected with the project, you can contact


If you have symptoms that worry you, please contact your GP.

This study is funded by the Scottish Government’s Chief Scientist Office.